Why We Burgers

Burgers: they're tasty, super filling, and popular. And luckily for you, we serve them. If you’re into the classics, we’ve got those. Simmzy's Burger? Iconic. Feeling fancy tonight? Billionaire Burger. Beef and pork? You’re crazy. I like you. Try our Bacon Blue Deluxe Burger. No beef at all? No problem, we’ve got Beyond Burgers too. We don’t just serve patties though. That’d be weird. Like really weird. Our burgers come on buns. They’re fresh-baked by a local company.

Oak Charred Simmzy’s Burger

Our Oak Charred Simmzy’s Burger is an Angus beef patty, Tillamook cheddar cheese, chow-chow onions, lettuce, sliced tomato, and garlic aioli, all on a Breadbar bun. We’re more than happy to break down the ingredients. Angus beef is beef, but…better. It’s more tender and flavorful. We’re giving you the good stuff. Tillamook is a city in Oregon, and Tillamook cheddar is made there. Chow-chow onions are like if a veggie mix and sweet-and-sour relish had a baby. Lettuce and tomato are the normal kind. Aioli is seasoned mayonnaise, and this kind tastes like garlic. And the bread is from our bunman.

Billionaire Burger

The Billionaire Burger isn’t just for the rich and famous–– but it will make you feel that way. It’s made with Mishima reserve American wagyu beef, Hook’s 5-Year aged cheddar, and Neuske’s candied bacon, all served on a pretzel bun. Wagyu is known for its texture, tenderness, and beef density. Hook’s 5-Year cheddar is crafted by the Hook family in Wisconsin. We know what you’re thinking. Yeah. The cheese is from the cheese state. Candied bacon is objectively good stuff. And pretzel buns are just incredible. Imagine a soft pretzel, but…in bun form. Our mouths are watering too. And to top it off? Fries are included.

Bacon Blue Deluxe Burger

The Bacon Blue Deluxe Burgers are made with Simmzy’s Angus beef patties, blue cheese, candied bacon, garlic aioli, frizzled shallots, lettuce, and tomato — all on Breadbar buns. Angus beef is tender and marbled, which means extra flavor. Our blue cheese dressing is homemade. The candied bacon comes right from the Neuske family farm in Wisconsin, which has been curing meat for nearly 150 years. Garlic aioli is simply mayonnaise with garlic flavor. The frizzled shallots compliment the garlic. That's right; we pair flavors. Fresh tomato and lettuce. And look at that. The bunman just arrived with fresh buns. Yum.

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