Why We Salads

Simmzy's believes that salads deserve more credit. We're upping the standard for these leafy meals, because they can be exciting too. Our dressings are homemade, our variety is wild, and our inspiration is worldwide. We've fully loaded each recipe, to satisfy any hunger craving. But don't think we're just throwing stuff in there all willy-nilly. A salad is a handcrafted mix of ingredients, carefully selected pairings of taste, all in one bowl, just for you. Hearty, delicious, and filled with love. It's got the same vibe as your great-grandmother's stew. Just...better suited for the summertime weather.

Oak Grilled White Shrimp Salad

The Oak Grilled White Shrimp Salad is everything it sounds like and more. We start with a bed of artisan greens. We toss toasted pepitas, shaved red onion, and radish in, and then slice avocado over the whole thing. The toppings? Queso fresco, coriander vinaigrette, and orange segments (for a bit of sweetness). Last, but certainly not least, is our woodfire grilled shrimp. Sweet, savory, and summery, all in one.

Chicken Apple Walnut & Drake Farms Goat Cheese

There’s nothing better than a classic salad done right. Our chicken apple walnut salad is made with fresh grilled chicken strips, chopped walnuts, sliced Fuji apples, cranberries, and chopped celery. In addition to our homemade honey dijon vinaigrette and topped with Drake Farms goat cheese, this salad is sure to keep you feeling fresh and full.

Grilled Romaine Caesar

Commonly attributed to the Roman ruler and actually from an Italian living in Mexico, the Caesar salad is anything but ordinary. It comes with herbed croutons, parmesan cheese, grilled lemon, and crispy prosciutto. We took the dressing up a notch too; it’s our house made fearless caesar dressing. What makes it fearless? Well, you’ll just have to find out. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we can top it with chicken, shrimp, salmon, or steak.

Grilled Tahitian Line Caught Albacore Salad

For an Asian twist on a Polynesian fan-fav, we have our grilled Tahitian Line Caught Albacore Salad. The base for this light and tasty salad is leafy green kale. It’s tossed with edamame, togarashi peanuts, and crispy wontons. Our albacore tuna is line-caught, which means with a hook and rod. No nets are involved, so that other marine animals stay safe and sound. Ethical ingredients drizzled with ginger sesame dressing? That’s food you can feel good about.

Dressings from Scratch

There’s a lot of reasons why we make our own dressings. For one, what you put on your salad should be just as tasty and healthy as the salad itself. Store bought salad dressing is chocked full of processed sugars, low-quality ingredients, and excessive preservatives. By mixing our own salad dressings, we ensure quality, nutrition, and freshness. Oh, and most of all, we get to take full credit for just how tasty they are.

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