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You’re only a stranger here once.

Cheers for Simmzy's Beer Club
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Gastropub & Restaurant in Los Angeles & Orange County

Serving Up Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads & More with Craft Beer to Match​

Welcome isn’t just something you say, it’s something you feel. Simmzy’s is your local pub dedicated to preserving a vacation state of mind year-round. Our food is homemade, our beer is handcrafted, and our vibes are good. Love at first sight? More like regular at first bite.

Manhattan Beach

El Segundo

Long Beach

Huntington Beach

Eco-Friendly Fresh For You

Fresh, For You

We did more than "make" this for you.
We grew, ordered, crafted, and prepared it for, all-caps, Y-O-U.

Family Owned and Operated

Family Owned

A Simmzy isn’t just a pub, it’s a person.
In fact, it’s a whole family of them. And they make food!



Our restaurants depend on local farmers, ranchers, brewers, and more. Look at them go. They’re doing so well.